Гостей принимаем с 7 марта. Дежурный менеджер обязательно ответит на ваши вопросы (запросы) по электронной почте или Jivo-чату, с некоторой задержкой.


We provide a shuttle service for our guests.

The service is provided by pre-order. Most often, a transfer is ordered to get from the airport to the hotel and back. The service of delivering tourists from the hotel to major shopping centers and historical attractions is also popular.

Transfer from/to the airport - from 2850 rubles.

Transfer from/to train stations - from 1500 rubles.

To order a transfer, you need to pay for a day's stay, inform the arrival date, flight number, time, airport and departure city.

If you arrived by train, you must specify the station and the city of departure, the date and time of arrival of the train.

When ordering a transfer, please contact the booking department.

Tel. 8 (812) 407-81-81.