Гостей принимаем с 7 марта. Дежурный менеджер обязательно ответит на ваши вопросы (запросы) по электронной почте или Jivo-чату, с некоторой задержкой.

The "Business trip" tariff

If you have a business trip, we suggest using a special Half-board rate, in which meals will be included in the price.

Lunch and (or)dinner will be served at the Khacho and Puri restaurant, located opposite the reception.

You can order the service:

1) by making a reservation at a rate that already includes the Half-board service on our website or on the websites of our partners

2)order the service on the eve of check-in at the hotel, if the tariff you have chosen does not include meals by phone 8 (812) 407-81-81, by e-mail frontdesk@5ugol.ru or use the feedback form

the cost of (lunch) dinner is 1050 rubles.