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What trips can you get cashback for?

You will be able to get back 20% of the cost for a trip that meets the following conditions:

• the timing of the promotion from 0:01 January 18, 2022 to 23:59 April 12, 2022 (during this period, you must pay for the trip)

• check-in period: you can go on trips from the start of the Program and return until 23:59 on April 30, 2022

• duration and place of stay - at least 2 nights in our hotel, the maximum duration of the trip is not limited

• minimum / maximum travel cost - any

• payment must be made with a MIR

• The number of trips that can be purchased within the Program is unlimited.

Rest compensation

If all the conditions listed above are met, the amount of compensation will be 20% of the cost of the trip, but not more than 20,000 rubles. for one operation on the MIR card. The number of transactions is unlimited.

For example, if the cost of the trip is 30,000 rubles, you will receive a refund of 6,000 rubles. The maximum refund amount you can get for trips costing 100,000 rubles or more.

Cashback is credited to the total cost of the trip. If you buy a tour for several people, paying for it in a single payment, only one cashback will be returned to you.

How to get a refund

To get cashback:

• Register your MIR card in the MIR payment system loyalty program.

If you do not have a MIR card, you can apply for it at any bank participating in the MIR payment system loyalty program.

To pay, it is not necessary to have a real MIR card, a virtual one is also suitable. In many banks, it can be issued on the website or in a mobile application - it will take no more than 10 minutes, you don't even need to leave your home.

• Choose dates and room category convenient for you and book your trip.

Pay for the tour with a MIR card. Important: your MIR card must be connected to 3D Secure technology

To receive cashback, the trip must be paid in full in one payment, between 0:01 January 18, 2022 and 23:59 April 12, 2022

• Refunds will be sent to the card within 5 business days from the date of the transaction.

Part of the travel cost is refunded by the operator of the action - payment system "MIR"